PetFood Shopee will be opening in Bandar Puteri Puchong very soon ....
Petfood Shopee is opening soon ... !!!
Nature's Protection
Nature's Protection
Nature's Protection

NATURE`S PROTECTION - Super Premium complete dry and wet food for dogs and cats.


NATURE’S PROTECTION - over a million unique loyal pets from more than 50 countries worldwide with their success stories and achievements that we are happy to share.


NATURE’S PROTECTION - team is constantly looking for challenges. It is important for us to create and refine the next generation solutions of nutrition based on efficiency and assessment of leading breeders. The highest-level experts of nutrition and recognized veterinarians help us to develop a vision for a better world for pets. We encourage to dream and make dreams come true.


NATURE’S PROTECTION SUPERIOR CARE world – specialized, functional Super Premium complete dry food for dogs and cats with special needs. 


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400 g, 2 kg, 7 kg


  • A tasty, 100% complete and balanced diet, with reduced fat level and L-Carnitine, to help avoid overweight and obesity. 
  • With meat based proteins in the right amount to maintain strong muscle structure and optimal acidity of the urine. 
  • The natural antioxidants contribute to the maintenance of the cat’s natural defense systems. 
  • With nutraceuticals to promote the well functioning of the digestive system.